History of the company


Humiclima was founded in 1976 in the Balearic Islands (Spain) with the objective of providing a comprehensive service capable of meeting the increasing demands of the hotel industry, which in those years was booming. The continued growth of the sector led us to start a process of development and expansion all over the country, a strategy which we implemented by opening offices in different strategic locations.


In the early nineties, in line with our desire to continue responding to the demands of the hotel industry, Humiclima started their first international activities in the Dominican Republic. Today, the company has offices in the Caribbean, Central America, South America, the USA and Africa, although the main offices of the company are still in the place where it all started: Mallorca.

This growth in the number of countries in which we were active also led to an increase in the range of services we offered. As such, it wasn't long until Humiclima's projects and contracts expanded to the industrial, residential, and public sectors, to the point that the company now has enough experience to implement all kinds of installations anywhere in the world.

In 2006, Humiclima became part of the Cobra Group This change led to new challenges and considerable improvement, given that being part of a group led to an increase in resources and higher levels of rigour and trustworthiness in fulfilling the company's commitments.


Founded in the Balearics

Early that year Humiclima Est, S.A. was founded in Palma de Mallorca and its company purpose was: the manufacture, sale, and installation of air conditioning devices and systems and industrial cooling variants The personnel involved came from the company Frau S.A., a company that pioneered these services in Mallorca.


National and European Expansion

The company began working in Catalonia through the new company Clima Fred, S.A.


An office is set up in Palmas de Gran Canaria which in 1995 would become the Tecnotel Canarias Company.


The company becomes associated with the French group Danto Rogeat and the Barcelona office was established to provide service and support to European clients.


In 2000 it becomes Humiclima Est Catalunya.

Development in the Central and South Atlantic

High demand from the Caribbean meant that it was necessary to have a permanent presence in the area, which would later extend to the surrounding territories, in order to provide better service to clients.


At the beginning of the year the company Humiclima México S.A. was founded in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, and towards the middle of the year, Humiclima Jamaica S.A. was founded in Jamaica.


The Company Humiclima Caribe CxA was founded in the Dominican Republic.


The Humiclima Group is acquired by the Cobra Group.



At the beginning of the year a branch of Humiclima Est S.A. was set up in Cape Verde.


In the first half of the year, the companies "H.E.A. Instalações Ltda. ", and Humiclima Panamá S.A. were founded in the state of Bahía, Brazil, and in Panama, respectively.


The company Enghemisa Engenharia Ltda., based in Bahía (Brazil), was acquired. The company is over 20 years old and specialises in electrical and plumbing installations.


Humiclima Haiti and Humiclima Benin (Africa) are incorporated.


Humiclima USA located in Miami is incorporated.

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