Any installation in any place


Humiclima nowadays is able to plan and carry out a project anywhere in the world right now. The experience of having completed projects in over fifteen countries in three continents confirm that we are not interested in limiting ourselves and we are passionate about growing geographically, exporting our knowledge whilst also learning new construction systems and recruiting professionals from diverse backgrounds and with different specialisations.

Over the course of our history we have been able to spread the experience we initially acquired by installing air conditioning in hundreds of hotels, to carry out installations in all kinds of buildings not only hotel resorts but also hospitals, commercial buildings, universities, underground stations, terminals and airports.

Given the times which we live in, where requirements grow and budgets got tighter, Humiclima is aware that skill and good practice leads to success. Adaptation to some of the most demanding control systems in the world as a result of entering new markets is one of our core values.

Controls such as those in the field of EPC (Engineering, Procurement & Construction) projects, with demanding players and infallible systems, have taught us the importance of getting things right and planning efficiently. 
Therefore, we are able to offer a comprehensive service where our clients can trust us to complete the whole process of bringing their projects to life, independently of where the project needs to be carried out.

As experts in installations we know that our projects need to guarantee the feasibility and correct operation of every installation. This is why our commitment does not end with the hand over of the work; rather, it continues with our maintenance and post-sales services, so our clients can be sure they can count on us to help their company to be more successful.

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