From the very beginning


As experienced installer, Humiclima has always searched for constant improvement in its works, for this reason we offer our clients the possibility to hire also a complementary service to the installation that allows us to define clearly the scope of the works, as well as a better coordination between the players involved and less partners, all of these benefit the project as a whole.

Providing Humiclima the control also of the preliminary stages make us easier to respond to any unforeseen event, improving the relationship with other parties leading to a higher knowledge our clients’ guidelines.

- Conceptual Design
- Intermediate Stage Design
- Executive Design

These are some of the stages prior to be accepted by the client, later to be implemented in the installing stage.

The option to design our proper installation requested by a client avoids future misconceptions and errors. We are installers, our designs are meant for working, saving money and time, they fulfill both any country standards and client’s guidelines.


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