Comfort, cost-effective
and environmentally friendly


Humiclima offers its clients a comprehensive service that combines the whole set of installations to develop in any building.

- Plumbing & Sewage
- Fire Protection
- Kitchen & Laundry Equipment
- Start Up and Commissioning

To complete these services and along with our parent Company, Cobra, Humiclima also undertakes with the same guarantee the following installations:

- Electrical Installations (low and medium voltage)
- Fire Detection
- Telecommunication, access control, data…

Providing solutions to accomplish comfort, saving and environmentally friendly.

From any small refurbishment to a brand new installation.

All our works are carried out according a quality and environmental system following ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 regulations, being certified by an authorized external organization.

HUMICLIMA is also authorized to adapt heating, air conditioning and domestic hot water (DHW) installations to the guidelines to be applied according to Building Thermal Installations Guidelines (RITE).

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