Engineering, Procurement, Installation & Commissioning


Since its inception, Humiclima has always maintained the highest level of commitment with its clients. This commitment has driven us to search for a comprehensive solution so they can carry out their projects, having the convenience of dealing only with a single partner.

And that is precisely what our EPIC (Engineering, Procurement, Installation & Commissioning) services are about. We use a sequenced process to take care of engineering and planning, as well as the execution and implementation of installations in any project, coordinating all the steps involved and maintaining a commitment to deliver turn key installations.

In line with the philosophy of Humiclima, by using this working method we implement solutions which are fully viable and adapted to the needs of each client, that aid the development of the project and result in cost-saving and shorter execution times.

Humiclima is expert in national and international guidelines, logistic and purchase management, engineering and design. Humiclima carries out turn key projects where the client request, fulfilling guidelines as well as a high quality level. 

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