"We take care of every project bearing in mind the energy efficiency"



Humiclima considers as a strategic priority to carry out their activities with the maximum level of respect for the environment, an attitude which has allowed us to obtain accreditation according to international standard ISO 14001.

Identify and evaluate the environmental aspects of our activity in order to guide the environmental management of both our offices and sites to prevent and minimize any environmental impact is an objective embodied in the general policy of this company supported by Humiclima's General Management.

Humiclima has also taken a step forward to reduce greenhouse gas emissions throughout its value chain and thus make efficient use of energy, water and associated resources.

  • * We are working to be CO2 neutral and to this end we use 100% renewable electrical energy in our facilities. 
  • * As a result of our commitment, in 2021, we will offset 50% of our CO2 emissions by participating in the Panama       CO2OL reforestation project.  
  • * We have also reduced the use of paper in our offices in departments such as Administration and HR.

You may download our Quality and Environment Policy other our Certificate ISO 14001.

Quality and Environmental Policy pdf file Certificate ISO 14001 en pdf file
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