Energy Saving Measures and Efficiency in Hotels

December 19, 2018

Humiclima has attended the workshop sponsored by CIAT, Danfoss and Wilo


Some of the main issues that were depicted during the day were:


  1. How to control systems

  2. Providing comfort

  3. Normative

  4. Extend the useful life of equipment with maintenance planning according to facilities



Controlling systems paying special attention to insulation and valves would allow energy savings that can reach up to 35% in HVAC systems.

In terms of comfort, emphasis on the problems that may arise in case of designing an installation only taking into account situations where the equipment works under extreme weather conditions. At calculating thermal loads, duty points are established on June 21st (summer mode) and December 21st (winter mode), air conditioning equipment is oversized, what leads to a bigger consumption when operating under conditions that only match eventually with the real ones.

It is clear to everyone that standards must be applied without reservation. Currently we are guided by the guidelines SEER - SCOP, parameters that measure the efficiency of an air conditioning unit.

EERS establishes long-term targets for energy savings.

SCOP is the seasonal performance coefficient.


A coherent and effective maintenance troubleshoots and increase equipment life and therefore that of facilities, as well as allowing more efficient use of all of them.

Humiclima as an expert installer recommends good planning in air conditioning systems especially in case of future extensions.




KNX or how home automation makes life easier

The KNX system increases the value of houses or buildings. Technology helps to a more efficient management of resources.

December 19, 2018

Energy Saving Measures and Efficiency in Hotels

Humiclima has attended the workshop sponsored by CIAT, Danfoss and Wilo.


What is the LEED Certification?

LEED © or Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design is the green building certification program most used worldwide.

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