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September 26, 2018

Today we are having a conversation with Emmanuel Duverseau, one of our technicians who works in the Caribbean.


Emmanuel started working with Humiclima when the company arrived to Haiti for the first time to undertake the installation works of the Marriott Port au Prince, since then he has been present in a few more sites.

Emmanuel is currently on the island of St. Kitts where Humiclima ended late last year the brand new Park Hyatt.


  1. What is your role at work?

As both a supervisor and a technician, I must reach results, monitor the quality of the work being developed, as well as giving certainty and validity to the programme..

  1. You've been working for several years now on various projects Humiclima, what have you found similar to all of them?

Facilities are similar regardless of where they are undertaken.

  1. And what about the differences?

Rules in each country changes depending on the client, the engineering company or the technology involved among others

  1. You are from Haiti, how is it working on a project outside your home?

Is a bit complicated to be honest, you're far from family and friends, but your personal goals should be achieved, nevertheless video communication allow us to stay informed until holidays arrive.

  1. Projects gather many different people, different languages are spoken ??and with different customs. Tell us a little about what is like this Tower of Babel

I have always liked learning different languages ??and meet new people ... At first intercourse is slower because of customs, but my experience makes me understand that the value of each culture allow me to grow

  1. What is the positive side of being constantly travelling and working in different places each time?

In a professional level each facility is different from the previous one so you earn a lot of experience in a more personal level to know new places, people and cultures give you knowledge.

  1. And what about the negative side?

Negativity is a way of thinking and I am not a fan of it.

  1. You have worked in Haiti, Dominican Republic, St Kitts ... what have surprised you about these places?

Although I am a Caribbean there are not big differences regarding time or weather. Customs and culture changes everywhere however.





KNX or how home automation makes life easier

The KNX system increases the value of houses or buildings. Technology helps to a more efficient management of resources.

December 19, 2018

Energy Saving Measures and Efficiency in Hotels

Humiclima has attended the workshop sponsored by CIAT, Danfoss and Wilo.


What is the LEED Certification?

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