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Humiclima’s Development Department

March 22, 2017

Today we are having a chat with Alvaro Saiz, one of our colleagues in the Development Department of Humiclima. With this interview we open a new section where we intend to make known our work whereby the people who make up our company.

  1. What is the main aim of your department?

The main objective of our department is to develop those projects being previously awarded. Starting from the plans of execution and an accepted budget we perform measurements and calculations, request quotes and buy material that must arrive to site on time according to what has been planned. Apart from this, we support people on site, suggest improvements and make  also some designing from time to time.

  1. Explain us a little about how the department organizes while working on a particular project.

It is Miguel who leads the department, supervising all the projects and assigning jobs to each of us. If some of us are working on the same project, one would coordinate all tasks. Being also responsible for managing times in procurement, share the tasks, etc. Regardless, we always support each other to solve problems that may arise.

  1. You have worked on the same project both on site and at the "office”, that gives you  another perspective when working?

Absolutely. Working at the office in Palma provides you with a different perspective of the project to the perspective you acquire when you're on site, you realize how things really work. Although we speak very often with the people who are there, your view will always be more subjective and personal. It is an advantage to be able to approach a project from both sides, in fact, it is fundamental.

  1. What do you like most about "development"?

The quality of working on large projects undertaken abroad while being at home, the opportunity to travel from time to time and to know new places and great projects in situ, as well as the relationship with your colleagues and the working environment.

  1. Does it affect being thousands of kms from a project?

Yes it does, having two different scenarios for the same project means that we will have different approaches and solutions. It is therefore essential to record everything and let the information flow in both ways if  you want things working well. We must always keep abreast of the changes that may arise.

  1. How much creativity can we find as a daily basis?

Usually, as we start working on a project ready to be to implemented, creativity is only relative. But when you need to overhaul, redesign some elements in a facility or system or raise any improvement, then we have to be creative.

  1. The team is quite young, what advantages can you find?

I think it may be quite advantageous, the way of thinking is quite dynamic, we find it easier to adapt to new market developments and the way to act. Also, the way of thinking is quite similar being in the same age group and it can be positive.

  1. How is working on a project  thousands of kilometers from home?

It's hard because you're far from home, working hours are long, there are always nervoussness, time differences hinder communication with Spain. But it trains you a lot both professionally and personally, be alert helps you in every way, it's an experience that worths well living,  I totally recommend it.

  1. What do you find positive of this experience?

You learn a lot, you meet new people, new places, cultures.

  1. And what about the downside?

Being away from the people you love, family, friends, girlfriend.... and the heat, I cannot stand the heat.




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