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Site Manager in the Dominican Republic

June 19, 2018

Humiclima introduces you today to Toni Salom, one of our Site Managers working in the Dominican Republic. He is currently involved in his second adventure in the island after handing over the Mechanical Installations of the newly opened Hotel El Embajador Royalton Hideaway by Barceló.


Can you describe briefly the project you are working on?

Right now I'm working in the industrial zone of two future resorts that are about to be built in Bavaro, Dominican Republic.


What role do you play at work?

My job is to keep everyone involved in the Project, all working together towards a target marked as "dead line", making sure that Humiclima’s standards of quality and service are met as well as the standards requested by the client apart from the regulation and guidelines of the project facilities.


How is it working on a project thousands of kilometres from home?

There is a cultural shock first, although the results are similar, the way we work changes completely, schedules, materials, customs, even the way to call the same materials is different despite sharing the language. What is surprising is that in a few months, everything that was overwhelming at the beginning becomes familiar and one can feel comfortable. As someone told me then, this is a sort of holiday.


How is the relationship with the team at the Headquarters?

I'd say it is far more than good.


What support gives you the Palma office?

The team is good and provides me with full support. Technical Dept provides budgets and / or modifications, Development Dept new Bill of quantities, even the smallest detail of the installation is checked in record time, Purchasing and Logistics ensure a continuous flow of materials on time (not an easy task being 7.200 km far).


How long have you being out?

Although it seems to me that I arrived yesterday, I landed 1 year and 9 months ago.


Do you like the country?

Upon arrival someone told me, "People either love DR or hate it, no middle ground." I'm still here, so I think if I like the country.


Discuss briefly how different is your life in your life in Spain RD

Moving to a foreign country because of the work implies that your life focuses mainly in the job, trying to meet the goals at the expense of longer working hours, full availability, geographical flexibility etc. However, you can strike a balance and enjoy time for yourself, any hobbies, friendships and a visit to the beach.


You have had time enough to see the country, culture…

I try to have some time to discover the country, and have found some wonderful places and some quite the opposite but worth seeing. People are extremely helpful and pleasant.


Can you highlight the positive about the experience?

Moving to such a distant country without knowing anyone and being able to get the job done, touring around the country as if it were your own and feel like home, it has helped me to grow as a person and know myself better.

In addition, this represents an opportunity and allows me to get a higher level of responsibility much faster than if I would remain in Spain, it would probably take me several years of hard work if I would stay there.

It is also a luxury to have avocados and mangoes at the home garden.


What is the most negative part?

Living away from family and friends is hard.


Would you like to go to some other destination?

I would not mind knowing some other destination upon completion of the projects I'm working now.



KNX or how home automation makes life easier

The KNX system increases the value of houses or buildings. Technology helps to a more efficient management of resources.

December 19, 2018

Energy Saving Measures and Efficiency in Hotels

Humiclima has attended the workshop sponsored by CIAT, Danfoss and Wilo.


What is the LEED Certification?

LEED © or Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design is the green building certification program most used worldwide.

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