Start-up "Foam System for Extinguishing Fire" for El Torno Project (Panama)


Air conditioning installation at the electrical room where all the high and medium voltage switchgear is located. 
Fire extinguishing system with foam for the power transformers, there are 4 cubicles (as shown in the photos) with 2 transformers each. The start-up tests were done in the empty one.


The extinguishing system for the transformers can be activated by manual pushbuttons or automatically by programming the fire detection system switchboard.
When the alarm of the heat detector is triggered or the manual button of a specific zone is activated, the water pump is activated, the water is mixed with the product, the mixture of water with foam reaches a collector and through automatic valves leaves the pipeline that goes to the area where the alarm has occurred.
Once the mixture comes into contact with the air, the foam is created.
The fire extinguishing installation is dimensioned to give the alarm in two zones simultaneously, each cubicle is filled with foam to a minimum height of 60 centimeters in less than 2 minutes.




KNX or how home automation makes life easier

The KNX system increases the value of houses or buildings. Technology helps to a more efficient management of resources.

December 19, 2018

Energy Saving Measures and Efficiency in Hotels

Humiclima has attended the workshop sponsored by CIAT, Danfoss and Wilo.


What is the LEED Certification?

LEED © or Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design is the green building certification program most used worldwide.

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