Office on site Secrets Saint Martin


Hurricane Irma caused in 2017 enormous destruction as it passed through the Caribbean and particularly the Leeward Islands. The island of Saint Martin was particularly affected by the tropical cyclone.

The reconstruction works carried out since then include the renovation and expansion project of what will become the new Secrets St Martin Resort & Spa located in Anse Marcel. A 5* resort with 258 suites overlooking the sea, the marina and the mountains.

Humiclima is carrying out the installation works in thisproject that it is scheduled to open in 2020. In addition, this is the first international project in which the brands HUMICLIMA and FRIUSA are both involved, Friusa has designed and it is also in charge of installing kitchens and restaurants.

This project strengthens the project of Humiclima in the Caribbean area where it is already a reference partner in the Dominican Republic and Jamaica. In the last 5 years Humiclima has carried out projects also in St Kitts, St Lucia, Barbados and Haiti.


Anse Marcel, St. Martin. 

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