Efficient Facilities


For HUMICLIMA, the correct maintenance of an installation is as important as its correct execution. Therefore, we ensure our clients the work we carry out to provide excellent results.

Humiclima counts here in Majorca with an organization hard to be compared with regarding experience and capacity, due to our 40 years of commitment at the service of Hospitality Companies, Banking Institutions, Government Agencies and individuals. We provide maintenance services under different modalities (preventive, corrective, mending, legal and regulatory and comprehensive).

Providing maintenance services requires specific knowledge and resources which are complementary to, although different from those required in any installation. It also requires its own management systems. Therefore, here at Humiclima we have a special team to provides this service, with its own human team and resources.

Humiclima also performs full maintenance service in buildings and installations, covering any requirement made, including electrical installations, joinery, cleaning, gardening, etc. highly engaged, available and quality of service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Our program is based on our own capacity of response to those necessities and requirements from clients depending on places and situations, providing complete coverage to all incidences taking place, being really important to classify future responses to solve them so the first to be repaired are the ones to affect the right functionality of the building. To do this the initial filter is key to maximize resources and the efficiency of the service. We are most aware of the seriousness if installations stop working, because of that our maintenance team works for preventing any kind of malfunction or to restore service as soon as possible.

Humiclima has the aim of providing the best performance of equipment, efficiency and longer durability because the proper maintenance extends the life of the installations and we provide guarantee, professionalism and commitment. 


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